Previously we discussed the long one shotters of our courses...  Now let's turn to the other extreme and regard the very short ones -- the Tiny Tims as I choose to call them.  How short may these be?  ...I would say that from115 to 125 yards the short pitch hole would be satisfactory -- provided it was guarded impressively.  And this provision is of utmost importance. Unless such a green stands forth impressively, despite its Lilliputian proportions, it is utterly wasted.  It should be a little David challenging the Goliaths of golf.

Tillinghast designs often have a Tiny Tim hole.  Pictured below are some of them.   If your home course has a Tillinghast Tiny Tim and would like to be added to this gallery, please e-mail your photos to

The Tiny Tim at Bedford Springs: Original and Restored

The 3rd at Dellwood

Sunnehanna 10th Hole

Baltusrol 15 Upper

Tiny Tims

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