Double Dog-Leg


I have modeled a three-shot hole of an entirely new type, and inasmuch as the perspective of the photograph is likely to be misleading, possibly a few words of explanation will be not amiss.  The three-shotter illustrated by my model shows a double dog-leg twisting around the right of hillocks which in

this instance were covered by trees.  The broken area along the left is of such rough character that any shot over it cannot be considered and inasmuch as the putting green is bunkered severely on the left, it only can be approached with any degree of safety from the fairway around the second bend.


As the inventor of the double dog leg, Tillinghast was very proud of this new hole type, which he designed on several of his courses.  Pictured below are several photos of Tillinghast double dog leg holes.  If your home course has a Tillinghast double-dog-leg and would like to be added to this gallery, please e-mail your photos to

A Double Dog-Legged Hole with Reverse Turn

4th Bethpage




Poxono, Pa

(No Longer Exists)